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Pro-Style Karate & Kickboxing Academy is a first class, professional, family martial arts center. Pro-Style, the most complete Karate and Kickboxing Center in greater Ottawa, was the first karate school to locate in Kanata & was founded by Master John Laroda in 1994. Pro-Style Karate and Kickboxing focuses on fitness and fun, promoting health and well being for all of its members.

Martial Arts & Fitness Programs in Kanata


At Pro-Style Martial Arts & Fitness we have a vested interest in each individual member and we aspire to provide personal, efficient, exciting programs and attentive service. Our studio offers an environment that encourages positive emotional experiences that will help you to see and feel the physical and emotional benefits associated with physical activity. Our main objective is to help our members reach their personal goals and to experience results in an environment where dignity and respect towards one another is always present.

At Pro-Style we offer Fitness Training, Personal Training, Boot Camps, Karate, Kick boxing, & Zumba for all ages.

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Pro-Style: Official Hyper Pro Training Facility


Hyper Pro Training has arrived at Pro-Style Martial Arts & Fitness! Pro-Style is the ONLY school in Ottawa, one of six in Ontario, and one of only thirteen in all of Canada to be an official Hyper Pro Training facility. East of Ottawa, the next place you'll see Hyper is in the UK! Hyper Martial Arts and Pro Training is an amazing, exciting, modern, and fun martial arts training program. Designed by the top martial arts athletes on the scene today, Hyper takes your average martial artist to the next level, all while having fun!


Hyper's mission is to recognize the incredible athletes that train in the Martial Arts, compete and do tricks. We respect tradition and embrace the people who are constantly evolving and innovating.


Hyper is teaming up with the top martial arts schools in each community and launching Hyper Pro Training classes and camps!

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